Kate Maxwell

Client Testimonials

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Before working with Kate I felt excited and inspired- with no idea how to begin and get things from my brain to the page. I was a the very beginning stages of the process - the development of the story and the world behind it. My biggest challenge starting out was knowing how to even begin.

Being coached by Kate was a total dream. I felt very comfortable to tell the whole truth- the good the bad and the ugly- about my process. Kate held such open space. Always listening and asking the exact right questions to help move me forward. Her insight blew me away time and again. 

I had so many breakthroughs. The biggest that comes to mind is the confidence that the creative process- is a process- there is no "right' way, and when I can own the voice and story that I am telling- that’s where the juicy goodness is. My confidence to be a writer blossomed under Kate's coaching. 

I got everything I needed from coaching and more. I feel like my expectations were fully met and then some!

Kate showed up phenomenally. She stayed flexible and gracious with me through that process and I am so so grateful.

I really appreciated how Kate would listen so carefully and then ask what needed to be asked. So so good.

Kathryn Gleason, Writer


Before working with Kate I felt nervous, I knew I wanted to complete a pilot script for an upcoming deadline. I had a good idea of the concept, some of the characters and had the blueprint of a short film that was structured well for 25mins. However, I knew the ending of the short film wrapped up the character arcs and relationship too neatly for a TV series and needed to figure out how to draw out those relationships and what the driving arc for the characters was over the series. I had a good idea of other episodes and important themes I wanted to touch on, but was struggling with how much or little I should put in the pilot.

I always find it useful to talk through ideas and having a coach not only gave me a sounding board but someone to challenge and reinterpret my predicaments into clear insightful questions that tug at the root cause of my concerns. In hearing these questions and thinking about how to answer, it allowed me to better understand the story I was telling and how I wanted to tell it.

Kate was confident and very present during our chats. She was encouraging and never pushed her own ideas of what the story should be or what I should do. I find it hard simply articulating themes and ideas so it was a pleasure to hear Kate sum up aspects of the story so succinctly with everything I had told her about it.

Working with Kate I had loads of breakthroughs. For example, with the act structure by recognising the story slightly lagged after my characters had attained an important object in their quest. Through talking it through with Kate we realised I needed to make them work harder to obtain that object which helped the pacing of the story hugely. 

I better defined the rules of the world and how the characters could physically interact with each other which was really important.

Even in that final weekend I was submitting, I had a breakthrough in terms of the opening tone of the piece. After thinking a lot about location I wanted the opening scene to feel playfully supernatural. A mist descending on an old chocolate box-ish Yorkshire town. A play on the horror genre or 'awakening the genie' moment which builds up this suspenseful moment where we know something is about to happen to Kirsty...mysterious and life altering. I know I wouldn't have had that breakthrough if I hadn't been constantly thinking and discussing things during our week.

Ellie Rogers, Director & Writer - https://www.ellierogersdirector.com/


Before working with Kate I had a lot of passion but was struggling to complete by first draft. I was meandering through the story losing sight of the purpose, adding more unstructured complexity and forgetting characters motivations.

Working with Kate I began to really drill into what the story was about and why I wanted to tell it. We explored thoughts that seemed quite abstract to me but once we landed on the "why" everything began to slot into place. I began to gain momentum and really get a sense of where the story was going and what had to happen to get there.

She helped me create a timeline of events, delve into the complex relationships between characters and factions and by our fifth session together I had finally completed by first draft.

It was a massive achievement that I hadn't really believed I could achieve!

It was a pleasure to work with her, she's an attentive listener and incredibly intelligent with as excellent understanding of the creative process. I really looked forward to our sessions.

By the end of my coaching sessions with Kate I felt empowered to continue and edit my work. I knew what I wanted the story to look like and what high level changes I wanted to make.

Without Kate I'm not sure I could have completed the first draft, it certainly wouldn't have been as smooth and fluid a process and it would have failed to deliver on its purpose.

I would strongly recommend getting in touch with Kate and seeing what she has to offer.

As soon as I hit my next milestone I will definitely be looking to work with her again.

Christina Daly, Novelist


Having struggled to get the wheels in motion on a long-standing idea, my one hour session with Kate was insightful and provided me with the confidence to take my concept in a direction I was legitimately passionate about.

Kate's coaching allowed me to break down the roots of my creative block, establish the crux of my initial excitement, and already start generating new ideas and approaches.

She has a real skill for allowing the idea to become self-actualised, rather than simply responding in hollow positives, and her guidance will inevitably help me approach future ideas with more confidence.

I got more out of the hour with her than weeks of solitary outlining, and would wholeheartedly recommend her creative coaching.

James Cottle, Scriptwriter, http://www.james-cottle.com