Hi there wanderer, nice to see you here.


Now tell me, does this sound familiar?

You’re a writer, a poet, or a director and you are feeling directionless

You don’t know if what you’re doing will hit the right note with your audience, will it resonate with them?

You have no space to explore new ideas, you feel confined to the way you see your work now, it feels routine and safe

You’re not sure it even makes sense! You’re worried it has no sense of flow or rhythm, it feels muddy, tangled

You don’t know what to do next, you feel like you’ve been treading water for a while, each time you try to keep going you feel like you are walking in circles and inertia is setting in

But you are yearning for a path that looks a little more like this

  • You want clarity on your direction, a spirited sense of purpose and an assured confidence you’re on the right path, whether it’s a new adventure or one you’ve been on some time

  • You want clarity on how to connect, deeply with your audience, how to make them feel what you feel

  • You want the time and space to develop new possibilities for your work, explore uncharted territory and get out of your comfort zone

  • You want to feel confident with your structure, knowing that it will guide your story and your audience, allowing them to explore your world and thoughts with ease

  • You want a plan, so that you can clearly see how to navigate your draft to completion and finally get it in front of an audience

  • You want to feel excited and curious about your work again and all the beautiful possibilities it holds for you, all the opportunities to create and connect

  •  You want to feel courageous in the face of those possibilities, equipped to harness them and see where they lead you

  • You want to feel fearless in the face of the blank page, the path less travelled

  • You want to find your own way

Then, wanderer,

you’re in the right place.

I can help.

Coaching is a powerful, transformative experience.

Here are some things my clients achieved with the support of my coaching:

Finally finished the first draft of their first novel after working together for four weeks.

Transitioned from a poetic practice into the realm of prose, bringing a whole world to life from their very first fleeting image.

Created a coherent draft from 10 years worth of material, merging 4 drafts, handwritten notes and thousands upon thousands of words.

Re-wrote a short film as a TV pilot in one week, it went on to be longlisted by Thousand Films.

Submitted a pitch for a movement based site specific performance piece and received funding.

Before the session, I felt like my thoughts were chaotically floating up in the air. I wanted guidance of how to hone these thoughts.

I wasn’t even sure where to begin, but Kate helped me compartmentalize different aspects of my process to make it clearer and calmer.

The session itself was cathartic - Kate allowed me find my answers and gave me confidence in myself.

Afterwards I felt lighter. Like all the creative stuff in my head had been careful processed and sorted through.

I felt excited again about my piece of work and it’s possibilities.
— Sophie Cottle, Movement Director

So if you:

Want to find a clearer path for your work, whether that’s the concept, the structure, or the form…

Want to share your beautiful work with the world and allow it to journey far and wide …

Want the space to explore how you could begin, try new techniques, get a fresh perspective…

Or the space to explore what you have made so far, and discover where it could go…

Then the Pathfinder Intensive will support you on the next step of your creative journey.

Because here is what I do best:

  • Challenge your preconceptions about what you can and can’t do, so that you can step into yourself, embrace your identity as a writer, maker, storyteller and all begin to travel the paths that unfold before you

  • Help you gently investigate where your story has come from, what it really means to you and why it will resonate with others, so that you can approach your work with conviction, confidence and generosity

  • Navigate and untangle the complexities in your work, so you can feel sure of your path

  • Explore new ways of doing things, working with you to discover your personal craft and techniques

  • Create momentum so that you can make huge strides on your creative journey

And I would love to support you.

Before working with Kate I felt excited and inspired- with no idea how to begin and get things from my brain to the page. My biggest challenge starting out was knowing how to even begin.

Being coached by Kate was a total dream. I felt very comfortable to tell the whole truth- the good the bad and the ugly- about my process. Kate held such open space. Always listening and asking the exact right questions to help move me forward. Her insight blew me away time and again.

I had so many breakthroughs. The biggest is the confidence that the creative process- is a process- there is no “right’ way, and when I can own the voice and story that I am telling- that’s where the juicy goodness is. My confidence to be a writer blossomed under Kate’s coaching.

Kate showed up phenomenally. She stayed flexible and gracious with me through that process and I am so so grateful.

Kate would listen so carefully and then ask what needed to be asked. So so good.
— Kathryn Gleason, Writer

And this is what I believe

Through stories we are able to truly experience, explore and cherish the human experience.

I believe storytelling, whether in a book, a film or a play enables us to connect with each other at a most fundamental level.

And I believe you should have your stories shared and experienced.

That you deserve to connect and resonate with others through your work.

I believe the world needs your work, needs your stories.

Because a world without stories, is no world at all.

Before working with Kate I had a lot of passion but was struggling to complete my first draft.

I was meandering through the story losing sight of the purpose, adding complexity and forgetting character motivations.

Working with Kate I began to drill into what the story was about and why I wanted to tell it. We explored thoughts that seemed quite abstract to me but once we landed on the “why” everything began to slot into place.

She helped me create a timeline of events, delve into the complex relationships between characters and by our fifth session together I had finally completed my first draft.

It was a massive achievement that I hadn’t really believed I could achieve!

Kate’s an attentive listener and incredibly intelligent with an excellent understanding of the creative process. I really looked forward to our sessions.

Without Kate I’m not sure I could have completed the first draft.

I would strongly recommend getting in touch with Kate and seeing what she has to offer. As soon as I hit my next milestone I will definitely be looking to work with her again.
— Christina Daly, Novelist

The Pathfinder: a 1:1 Coaching Intensive


x1 Exploratory Questionnaire

An online journal for you to complete before our intensive so that you’re clear on your creative goals and have the space to begin exploring new possibilities

3hs of Deep Coaching

Over 3 hours we will explore your blockers, the possibilities for growth and the path for your work

All coaching sessions are bespoke to your goals, but here’s what we could create together:

  • A strong direction for the purpose of your work

  • Clarity on your audience, and how you want your work to resonate with them

  • Guided time to work on your concept and discover new approaches and directions

  • A map of your project so that you can see the structure clearly

  • A plan for how to take your work to the next level, whether that is through collaboration, experimentation or finding the focus to get your fingers to the keys and make it happen

Email and WhatsApp support

You’ll have me by your side for 5 days after our session, as you dive into your action plan.

Investment: £175 £89

Two formats are available to cater for the different ways creatives learn and process information:

3h coaching intensive: get together and get immersed

3hs of coaching over 5 days: a week of focus with time to reflect

Coaching sessions take place online, but if you’re Bristol based, I’d love to work with you in person


My coaching is for you if

You are ready to invest in yourself as an artist/author//director.

You are yearning to take the first step on the journey to the next level of your practice.

You want to do the work, and have some fun as we adventure through it together.

You want to discover a new sense of courage and feel empowered to explore your potential.

You know you could be creating something more truthful, but you don’t know what path will lead you there.

Having struggled to get the wheels in motion on a long-standing idea, my one hour session with Kate was insightful and provided me with the confidence to take my concept in a direction I was legitimately passionate about.

Kate’s coaching allowed me to break down the roots of my creative block, establish the crux of my initial excitement, and already start generating new ideas and approaches.

She has a real skill for allowing the idea to become self-actualised, rather than simply responding in hollow positives, and her guidance will inevitably help me approach future ideas with more confidence.

I got more out of the hour with her than weeks of solitary outlining, and would wholeheartedly recommend her creative coaching.
— James Cottle, Scriptwriter, http://www.james-cottle.com

What happens next?


If you’re ready for the next step of this beautiful creative adventure,

just hit the button to book a 45-60 min intro call.

On the call:

  • I’ll get to know where you’re at on your journey

  • We’ll decide which format suits you best

  • We’ll book your Pathfinder 1:1 Intensive in!