Kate Maxwell
Kate Maxwell
Bring your most vivid visions to life

Kate Maxwell

Creative Coaching

Start, Finish and Sharpen your projects

On the Page. On the Stage. On the Screen.

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Merging coaching techniques with a background in Film & the Arts, I help inter-disciplinary creatives start, finish and sharpen their projects on the page, the stage and the screen.



My aim is to give you the fullest support, nurturing your draft and your process so you can fully realise your vision and your passion, breathing life into the worlds you care most about.

I’ll be here to support you and to challenge you, to serve you, to drive you towards the true purpose of your work and the output that best delivers it.

In short - it’ll be my mission to ensure your story is heard.

Because I believe a world without stories is no world at all.


Client Testimonials

I got more out of the hour with Kate than weeks of solitary outlining.
— James Cottle, Scriptwriter
My confidence to be a writer blossomed under Kate’s coaching. Her insight blew me away time and again.
— Kat Gleason, Novelist
Kate’s coaching allowed me to better understand the story I was telling and how I wanted to tell it.
— Ellie Rogers, Filmmaker
By our fifth session together I had finally completed my first draft.
— Christina Daly, Writer
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